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Install a long lasting, attractive vinyl floor.  This isn’t the vinyl floor that you envision. Today, vinyl composite flooring is modern, water proof and durable.  LVP is ideal for high traffic rooms and this product looks great in kitchens, bathrooms and basements.  Many of our clients use it for their shore homes as well.  It stands up to water and sand like no other. LVP also looks perfect in any room in your home. 


LVP has a clicking mechanism that makes it so you can walk on the finished product the day the job is complete. LVP comes in wood or tile patterns. It has an anti-skid material, unlike ceramic tile that becomes slippery when wet. LVP can be installed over a concrete slab or over a wood subfloor. On a budget? LVP is more cost effective than a traditional hard wood floor product.


Below are popular flooring brands we use for our installations. We also will work with brands that you have chosen, purchased or prefer.  We offer discounts on the items noted below: 

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